Tołhaje’s News

  • — TOLHAJE IN THE WSCHOD KULTURY FESTIVAL —See the photos taken during the Wschod Kultury Festival (The East of Culture Festival), where we have performed recently with the accompaniment of a great string section. Click here and enjoy:
  • — WATAHA – OUR NEW MUSIC —We have started working on the new material for HBO – “Wataha”. The pilot episode will be shown in 2014, and the photos for the show have been taken in … the Bieszczady mountains. You can find more information here and here. While we are expecting many challenges ahead and hard work at the same time, we are sure it will be an exciting experience. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!
  • — BATTLE OF THE BANDS —One of our songs titled “Bojkowska kołomyjka” will enter the international competition of the world music “Battle Of The Bands”. That’s why we’d like to ask you help us win the competition. To vote for our song, please click on the link below. There is no need to register!